Resume Help

Not on the market yet, but getting ready to do so? One of the most common questions we get is "how should I structure my resume?" While there is no perfect answer to this question, we can give you feedback on what we're seeing with our clients and what the trends are in automation, robotics and engineering. 

​​​White Willow Staffing

Real Job Openings

Large recruiting firms have to stockpile candidates to fill their jobs as fast as possible. We don't harbor any fake openings here. While many of our clients are looking for candidates immediately, we are often able to supply quality candidates in a matter of days. You will not see these "sourcing" positions from us and we will not waste your time with phone interviews for jobs that don't exist. 

How is working with White Willow?

​On the "about us" page, we talk about a promise we make to our clients and to our candidates. We live up to this promise by being upfront with candidates, returning phone calls, and keeping communication lines open throughout the process. We realize that taking on a new career is an exciting but stressful situation - and we want to make this process as easy as it can be for you. 

Interview Prep and Client Information

We work hand in hand with our clients and gather up all the information you're going to need for your interview process. We know the hiring managers that you'll be speaking to, we know the culture of the staff you'll be dealing with, and we can set clear expectations on when you'll hear feedback on your interview. It is our goal to make it a positive experience for you, even if the job doesn't turn out to be the right fit.