Staffing, Refined.

Why do companies work with us? 

Fair Pricing. No Mess. No Percentages.

Recruiting and finding talent has changed dramatically over the last 10 years as the internet has made the world a smaller place. One of the things that has not changed for the most part, is the way agencies charge for their placements. Why pay 20-35% of a salary when you could work with a flat known fee? 

There when you need us, not when you don't.

​Stop me when this sounds familiar, "Hello Mr/Mrs. HR Manager, I'm Bill with ABC Staffing and I'm calling..." Every hiring manager we work with gets these calls weekly, and sometimes daily. The worst part? Often times it's the second time this month they have called, or it's the third person from the same agency that has a different "specialty." 

​We believe that our process and placements speak for themselves. Will you see an email from us from time to time, yes. Will we check in with your once every quarter, probably. Will we be calling every week to see if your "needs have changed?" Not likely. 

Finding the right fit. 

Recruiting is a relationship building business when it's done on a personal level. Rather than working with six people at a larger firm, we work with our clients one on one. We hope that by working together with our clients to find out more about the job than just "the requirements" that we can help find not only the most qualified candidates, but the ones that are built to last.

Our business model is based upon achieving trust with our clients and earning repeat business. Since we're working with only a few clients at a time, it is our commitment to you that your opening is our priority. 

We want your "purple squirrel."

Some call it a unicorn, others call it a ghost, but recruiters think of them as purple squirrels. We believe by being a resource for your on your toughest hires, that we'll earn your respect and future business. We've worked with clients to help them find international candidates, bilingual candidates with multiple degrees, and helped relocate individuals in different parts of the country.  

​​​White Willow Staffing